Youth Voices

Crippled Balochistan

By Hammal Kashani

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The situation in Balochistan proves that the rights, liberty, honour, freedom and independence of people means nothing to the federal government. The province of Balochistan decorates the budget of Pakistan by some mean. It is the laziness of the stakeholders- who cannot get the maximum benefit. The problem of Balochistan is as old as the state itself. From the very first day, the apathetic attitude of Federal government had kept Balochistan in a corner. Whether it’s a democratic government or a dictatorial regime, Balochistan receives its ruthless wounds and day by day the resistance over there is getting stronger. The cause of the problem is governed by several issues including, kill and dump policy, missing persons, targeted killings, law and order situation, developments, economy, unemployment, education and lastly there is an atmosphere of fear which can be felt very easily in this silence. The kill and dump policy has resulted in more than 360 mutilated bodies of Balochis. Finding a dead body is a routine practise which the Baloch nation is carrying out.

The question arises that who are these people who have been mercilessly killed? The answer is very simple, these bodies are of Baloch professors, doctors, human right protectors, students, teachers, journalists and tribesmen. Who is behind these killings and what is the reason behind these killings? There sin was that they spoke for their rights. The relatives blame the security forces and the intelligence wings for the killings, but the I.G andthe F.C denies it. Now it’s upon you that whom would you believe, either you believe in the silence of a mother’s tear which points towards the F.C and the I.G. The kill and dump policy is achieving its goal by killing the possibilities of reconciliation and dumping the chance of peace. The other problem is that of the missing persons, according to Vocie For Baloch Missing Persons more than 14000 Balochis have been abducted by the same culprit. Abdul Qadeer the chairman of Voice of Baloch missing persons says that he had stared his demonstration from 2009, but they are only receiving bodies of the missing persons. He said that if somebody is involved in an act, then there are courts for this, but in Balochistan the rule is in hands of F.C which decides our fortune. Balochistan package announced by the current government promised that the missing persons would reach their homes.

Development is another issue, the infrastructure of the province, itself speaks about the government’s lack of interest. Although Musharaf tried to develop Balochistan, but only in terms of making army cantonment in different places. Targeted killings, especially of Hazara community and settlers is another major conflict hitting the province. The atmosphere of sectarian violence has wounded the province with more pain. The education in Balochistan is worthless, the litreacy rate is 34% as compared to the national literacy rate. Now the question arises of handling these problems? There is a need of concern to be played by each political party as our political parties do organize rallies against drone attacks, but they have no time for Balochistan issue, the silence of media also increases the flame by not giving equal attention and the silence of judiciary is also appalling. The federal government should negotiate with the people of Balochistan and should try to bring the Baloch nation to the mainstream. This should be done practically instead of fake promises which they have been making from day one. As it’s the final round, if this time the government fails to make it, then the consequences would be very dangerous.