Youth Voices


By Arooma Zainab

Image taken from Google Images

Love-the essence of life,

The reason of your pride,

It’s the light of hope,

It’s a strengthening rope.


Everyone here is a lover,

Love of sister for a brother,

Love of mother for a kid-

Summary of all the sacrifices she did.


Love has no expectations,

Then, why do you need explanations?

Love has no rules;

It can even change delinquent fools.


Love has no fears,

Why does it give you tears?

Love is tickle of understanding,

But in deep valley, you’re falling.


Love is faith and it’s strong,

But it’s your weakness, so wrong.

Your love is for someone imperfect,

Why do you expect it to be perfect?


Love for you is all sorrow,

And several phases you’ll follow;

Love has only one destination,

One day, you’ll reach there in fascination.


Love is sweetness in taste,

Peacefully leading you to fate,

Love is the name of God,

Love your God and He’ll love you more.