Youth Voices

NASCON 2012 – Together for the Better!

NASCON 2012 is an annual technology centric mega-event that serves as a competitive junction for the skilled youth of Pakistan. Being held at FAST-NU, Islamabad since the last 10 years, NASCON covers all three major disciplines of Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration, this year; NASCON aims to utilize the energy of the youth to solve the problems of Pakistan. With events ranging from technical to social, professional to sports; NASCON aspires to inspire the youth in forming personalities that have the conviction to steer Pakistan towards prosperity.

For the college and university student, NASCON promises total prize money worth Rs. 350,000 as a reward for the conviction demonstrated during the technology heats. For the professionals, NASCON promises a unique opportunity to explore, recruit and realize the immense potential of students. For the general public, NASCON presents a technology carnival with food court, corporate stalls, product showcase and fun activities. A mega-gaming competition coupled with sports is bound to let you experience beyond measure.

NASCON 2012 presents competitions in engineering covering the fields of robotics, electronics, logic design and project competition. Dynamic programming competition, mobile application development, poster designing and software project competition are the highlights in the computer science category. In the area of business administration; marketing and business plan contests coupled with business case simulation are bound to reveal practical modernity.

This year, NASCON has partnered with organizations such as IEEE, TiE, AIESEC and companies like SONY,, PMR, tVoY, SHAOOR and the like. The aim is to gather the energy of Pakistan at a converging location to direct it for the betterment of Pakistan. If your company or organization is interested in partnering with NASCON, contact us, immediately.

If you have an idea, project or a product that can save Pakistan either in the short-term or long-term, inform us. We will project your solution throughout Pakistan and beyond via our national and international linkages.

With a decade of experience and a history of empowering the students to take initiative and showcase their talent and passion to the world, this year NASCON promises to take it to a new level. Come join us at FAST-NU Islamabad Campus and don’t miss this mega convention, a history in the making!