Youth Voices


By Hafsa Sarwar

Image by Hafa Sarwar Source: Internet

Words, bursting to get out

All the emotions building up to a shout

she quickly goes to that one place,

Where she can’t be discovered for days

And gives in to her feelings.

She knows she’s not lovable: don’t think her blind

When all the time she’s shunned by her kind

They think her fat, they think her ugly

They think that she’s out of her mind.

She sobs, she weeps, she pleads

But no one has ever realised her needs.

They think she’s heartless: that might be true,

since that IS the picture of her they drew,

But did anyone ever inquire,

If she was actually a liar.

Or just feeling lonely,out of place

Wanting to be ahead in their ridiculous race.

She can’t reach out to anyone

Since everyone only sees how bad she’s done

Nobody realises she wants to be hugged

Kind words, comforted: she wants to be loved.

She wonders if this is her lot in life

Harshness, hatred, troubles rife

She finds no answer, no solution

And so she gets up, with a new resolution.

She will trudge on, make the best of it all

Until she hears her Lord’s call

Then those who were the cause of her hurt

Will be made to see her actual worth.