Youth Voices

Dedicated to Ahmed Jawed

This one’s for you Ahmed Jawed*. I’m not sure if you’re able to read this blog post, but somewhere deep down inside, I feel you can. I don’t know what forced you to take such a drastic step; to take your own life and bid farewell to this world, and I guess I’ll never be able to know. What remains now are traces of your story, what might have happened and what could have been done. I wish you didn’t meet the fate you met. I wish somebody did something to save you. I wish, and I wish.

You’re and will always be remembered in good words… and I… I’ll always long to know you.

Finally, I wish you didn’t leave us like this.

Your university fellow
Momal Mushtaq

*Ahmed Jawed, a student of EME college, NUST left us on April 6, 2012.