Youth Voices

Live a Simple and Peaceful Life

By Fatima Khan

Image Credits: Google Images


As time passes by our memory gets washed away, we remain oblivious about the fact that some things in life are to be taken seriously so that our journey becomes easier and simpler altogether.

For an instant, just try to imagine the following situation:

How many times have you had a disagreement with either your friends or family about something that you think was right for you but they think you did not deserve it at all? Consequently, there was chaos, exchange of hot words and all that which isn’t pleasant at all.


It is a scenario which is common in our lives but we have to learn that there is a power out there to decide for us for what is right and what is wrong, what is important to us and what is not because at the end of the day He never burdens anyone more than his or her capacity of endurance.

There are various decisions in your life that do not work the way you wanted them to work and as a result they keep haunting you forever. Instead of allowing this failure to engulf you, you should give it a thought that maybe what happened was supposed to be for your betterment. At times we forget that envy is a major sin for it eats up your positive side and pushes you towards misery. On the other hand, if we only have this mindset that what did not turn up for us was only meant to do good to someone else and was never meant for you then life would be more beautiful and meaningful to you.

At times we feel that those around us are living an amazing life, the one which we always wanted to live. No one thinks that he or she might be living a better life than them. Remember this life is nothing but a test! You will be tested with your spouse, children, parents , relatives, wealth, respect. Be grateful to Allah for what you have and try to strive in order to acquire pleasure and everything else in life will begin to disentangle.

Being happy with what you have rather than comparing yourself with someone else is the best thing to do in order to achieve optimism and happiness, which many crave for although it’s all about how you perceive your life.

Life when gives you a reason to cry, there are a million other reasons to smile about. Remember you are truly loved by Allah i.e 70 times more than your mother, so do not spoil your life by being sad and comparing yourself and your life with others.

Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is reported to have said; Look at those who are inferior to you and do not look at those who are superior to you, for that is more likely to keep you from despising Allah’s favor on you.”