Youth Voices


By Fatima

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Hard to not see the bitter truth in your eyes,
where I can easily see past all your lies.

Right now ignorance is what I want to embrace,
can’t deny the feeling when you look at me that way.

Life is what I have got to hold on to,
But you have left me no option even if I want to.

Is this the reason why I loved you? that you’d fall for someone else,
It would not have hurt so bad if I had given my heart to someone else.

Now that I see you dancing on the same beat,
then I notice a twinkle in your eye that wasn’t there when you had me.

Maybe the spark was never there and we were not meant to be,
catching a glimpse my world seems to fall in front of me.

I pray for the best to come around the corner for me,
I don’t blame you as I misunderstood that you were made for me.