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Mother: Most Beautiful Word

By Fatima


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“A Mother holds her children’s hands for a while… their hearts forever.”

“Heaven liveth at the feet of mothers.”

I do not want to leave this world without acknowledging the most important woman in my life… my “mother.”

No one can describe the attributes which a mother possesses. There is no possible way in which I can thank Almighty Allah enough for blessing me with a mother, who is so loving, determined, brave, ambitious, independent, caring and soft- hearted , still these words are not enough to describe her in the best way possible. My mother is my inspiration, she was and will always be my greatest strength.

I cannot even imagine my life without her as she has taught us to be independent and to be prepared for whatever this world has to offer. She is the most amazing example of a working woman who has not only been able to manage her household chores but also worked hard to offer more to her family by working in the mornings and afternoons at the hospital, that is because she’s a doctor.

Life has been hard for her to raise three girls in this society but Mash Allah, she has done it with determination and courage. We have no words to thank her for her devotion and love. We all are proud to have her as our mother!

I still remember her waking us up in the morning, making breakfast, changing our clothes, making our hair and multitasking all the time. She always made sure we looked the best at school and anywhere we went. She has been doing so ever since we were born. We start taking these things for granted and I do not want to repeat this mistake anymore.

Her strength is equal to three of her daughters and she is always ahead of us no matter how much we try. She’s the most courageous woman I know who has been through five operations in her lifetime and still if she sees any of us in pain her eyes become teary.

I still recall when we used to go for our dentist appointments she was always there, waiting outside and reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi, that’s how great my mother is.

Here’s for you my “Mamma”, ‘You fill me up with pride for all that you have done for all of us and are still doing Masha’Allah. I hope you receive all the happiness and blessings you truly deserve, if not in this world then Insha’Allah in the Hereafter. It is because of you that I exist in this world and of course by the Grace of Allah, no treasure is valuable or comparable to your love and prayers. I love YOU with all my heart and I hope that you forgive me for all the mistakes I have done and for hurting you in any way possible. I thank Allah for blessing me with an angel in disguise that is YOU…

I do not want to be one of those people who wait for the right moment and regret for the rest of their lives for not uttering words of appreciation to their mothers because they always thought they had time.

Why are we reluctant and cannot easily appreciate our own mother who has been through so much pain to bring us into this world?

Life is given to you once and surely you cannot turn back time but you can surely try to mold your present for a better future, by earning your mother’s prayers, because it will benefit you not only for your life in this world but as well as for you Here After.

May Allah always guide us to the right path, Ameen.