Youth Voices

iRun 2012 | Challenging Your Limits

For those of you who are seeking an escape from the study burdens of your new semesters and countless hours on Facebook, NUST Adventure Club is bringing iRun 2012, the perfect get away from your sluggish routines. So on 7th of March, clear the decks, muster your strength, take your position and be ready to get, set go!!

We invite all Nustians to prove their strength, stamina and endurance. Once and for all. Will you accept the challenge?

• Male Students
• Male Faculty
• Female Students & Female Faculty
• Families

General Info:
• Track Length for Male Students & Male Faculty: 3.86 km
• Track Length for Female Students, Female Faculty and Families: 2.5 km

Registration Fee:
50 Rs for Students
“Free” for Faculty & Families

• Participants must follow instructions given from all event organizers.
• No shortcuts allowed, participants have to stick to the route provided.
• Taking rides on vehicles will result in disqualification.
• Any participant who refuses to obey the directions of the event official or security guards or who is offensive by action or language to other participants or spectators may be disqualified by the event.

• SPARK (E-partner)
• The Voice of Youth (E-partner)
• Radio NUST