Youth Voices

‎Emotions of a Syrian kid

By Hanan Asghar

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Insurgency, I feel the soul of air with an array of gloom
Insurgency, with every drop of blood that trickled on the soil of my origin
I was born free but became victim of creed
I am no longer allowed to be free
days of innocence are spent under a dark shadow
Insurgency, through the ingredients of rocks that leashed my sentiments
hate marks up to ecstasy and lips lock curses
Insurgency, is what marks my fortune for the country that is in distraught
A nation that is forfeiting towards an egoistic leader
leaving me to a rot of despair
Insurgency, because my birth is not a blight
waking up on second day is worse than rising from day one
So, why is insurgence imprinted in my soul
why does my brain hold a dream of serenity and peace?
I am not afraid to lose life to protect my place of birth
received nothing but promised aids
with a tag that no one will remember me

Syria on my mind!
Syria in due time!
Syria in need!
Amalgamated to a dream…