Youth Voices

Rain, Rejection and Other Stories

By Amna Javed

Image Source: Google Images

It has been raining for a few hours now. Rain brings with it a glorious joy, a deep cleansing that wipes away the grime of the days but sometimes, rain holds a deep melancholy.  Rain is, I deduce, versatile. It can make you happy at times…and at others it can just make you feel solitary. Cliche, cliche, cliche. Stop.

Rain – tiny droplets of water.  There is not one among us who does not smile like a little kid when the first drop of rain falls on our faces,  and who doesn’t feel just a tiny bit anxious when it pours down with a sideshow of lightening and thunder to match. Admit it people we all are humans.  We all have feelings, even though there are times one wishes to go numb forever.

It probably sounds dramatic but standing at your window with raindrops battering on the glass, there is a vortex of emotions inside of you something you can never explain. Something you just feel. The energy is fleeting, fragile, and extraordinary. Something that’s intangible but so close that you can almost, just barely, touch it. Does that make me vulnerable to what’s out there or am I just being human?

While at times I danced and laughed around in the rain feeling like the world is at my feet but at other times I have felt lost as a speck of dust which wanders alone in a storm. Normal behaviour perhaps?

You know what would be horrible? If it is topped with rejection. Failure and rejection kind of, sort of, go hand in hand. Each rejection we go through, the more we feel the need of a shrink, even though deep inside I already know that they don’t have all the answers but I just need someone to listen, someone to hear me through the pittar patter.

Rejection? Ah, rejection. A word we come across so many times, a word we met so many times. It’s okay, dear. Life has another way of testing you. Rejection is like a massive leviathan. The only difference is that it is real.

Escape from rejection? None. What is to be done? Fight it? How? It is not really background music material that you just let it play and twirl and spin around until the music just fades away and you stop, breathing hard, a flush across your face – triumphant and content.

Answer if anyone can.

And so goes on life. It comes and it goes. And there are many things in between. Many emotions. A lot of drama.  A few things we get and a lot of things we do not.

Like for instance, asking what is the purpose of life. Why waste time asking questions like these when you can actually do some soul searching. The answer is introspection.

So, yes, there will be many more monsoons, many rejections and many more leviathans in the way of your sunshine. You just have to brave the storm to reach your destination.