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Showing the Filled Side of the Glass

By Naveed ul Haq

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I had this thought in my mind over the last few months. It popped up while I was playing with my TV remote keys and switching local channels for good 3-4 hours. There were ordinary news, headline news, breaking news, talk shows, drama plays and of course loads of advertisements. Once the TV was switched off and I went to bed, a question raised in my mind ‘Isn’t there anything good happening in our society or country’? If we ask this question to ourselves, probably many of us will say yes, there are good things going on around us!

I undoubtedly accept the significant role of media in providing the latest information to its viewers while simultaneously covering the social issues and spreading awareness. However, I feel that the presently empty side of the glass covers most part of the screen than its filled side.

Such coverage may have even more adverse affect, when we consider a countryman or a general viewer abroad watching the transmission of our local channels. Incidents of cruelty, rape, child abuse, killing, beating, kidnapping, robbing, corruption and consequently, unlawfulness are not unique to our country; They occur everywhere in the world. In my opinion, statements leading to Pakistan as a failed and unsuccessful state create nothing but more discontentment and frustration.

How, in your opinion, would a common man who faces high inflation on a daily basis and is scared of terrorism and deprived of common utilities such as gas, electricity and water feel after watching our local news channels?

We are talking about a change these days; the concept of change is strongly connected with the concept of hope. What, in your opinion, will be status of my hope if I am not able to see the positive aspects of my community?

I admit that a lot of bad is happening around us, but it doesn’t mean that nothing good is happening either. I believe that our local media should concentrate more on showing the filled side of the glass than its empty side. Media should play its part in keeping the hope within us. Today a local newspaper published results of an online public poll with 6000 respondents. The question asked was: “Do you believe journalism in Pakistan is more about sensationalism than reporting facts?” 91% of the answers were ‘yes’. Do I need to say more? Please do think about it.

The views are solely of the author, with no intention whatsoever to damage the image of Pakistani media.