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Do They Have a Right to Smile?

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16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

Human Rights Day Special

By Haseeb Abdul Sultan

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When I stop at the fields
And watch the trains pass by,
I see them playing,
I see them smile.

Amidst all the poverty,
And the never ending cries,
Their faces light me up,
Their faces light the sky.

And then tears stream down
My perfectly moisturized cheeks.

When deprived of so much
And no one to tell them what to want,
No one to guide them who to be,
No one to tell them what’s wrong,

But everyone to tell them
That skies cannot be reached.

I wonder about the naivety
And the innocence lost.
That will they be gained back?
What was the cost?

The price of losing so much,
The price of being poor.
The price of  gaining nothing,
The price of who they are.

I pray to God, I look in my heart,
I look around, I look at the stars
And want their happiness,
Want them to want

The things in the dark
The things that are far.
Far, but theirs.
Far, but in reach they are.

If only that they knew,
If only they could see.

See the world of possibilities
See the world of freedom.
See the world that is beautiful,
The world that is truly their own,

And hope they can be
What they deserve to be.