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Money? Seriously?

I’m writing this on the request of Fahaad Humayun, a great friend and a greater human being. Recently, we’ve seen some people coming up with all kinds of stories, rumours and propagandas to defame ‘the Voice of Youth’. What’s amazing about these people is that they belong to the same group of friends and what’s much more amazing is that some of them aren’t even associated to ‘the Voice of Youth’ to an extent to be able to say anything about it in such detail.

Anyhow, I didn’t want to respond to their stories, rumours and propagandas, for I feel my parents have taught me better than that! :) I wouldn’t do that now, even on Fahaad’s request; I’d rather give you my side of the story: what I was, what tVoY is (many of those who’ve been accusing tVoY of many things failed to do their homework on what exactly tVoY is) and how tVoY has helped me be who I’m today.

Before I started working on ‘the Voice of Youth’, I’d my own personal blog, its tagline being ‘an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams’. This tagline reveals my personality. I don’t want to die like every other person in this world. I actually hope to make a difference before I die; to bring about a change, in whatever capacity I can.

As ‘the Voice of Youth’ grew, I grew along with it. Two years ago, I was an ordinary girl. Today, I’m still an ordinary girl, but one who’s been recognized nationally and internationally for her work. I didn’t ask for this fame, it came along with the hard work I put into my work. It’s strange how some people, especially those who stand where I stood two years ago, can’t bear ‘this’ fame and are doing whatever they can to defame a constructive platform like ‘the Voice of Youth’. I’d like to request such people to use their energy to actually do something positive in life. Once they start off with their own ventures, I’d like to request them to let me know the number of sleepless nights it takes them to grow a platform like ‘the Voice of Youth’, because as far as I know, it requires a lot of courage, hard work and commitment.

How do I know? I know because I’m spending my youth working on something I wasn’t supposed to work on, as an ordinary university student, in the first place.

So what do I get in return? Money?

I’d like to ask two simple questions: 1- Are there any ads on ‘the Voice of Youth’? and 2- Did any of our partners pay us (you may directly contact the partners to clear your doubts)? If the answer to the above mentioned questions is “no”, then how else is ‘the Voice of Youth’ generating money?

To tell you the truth, ‘the Voice of Youth’ hasn’t generated a penny since it started operating on June 26, 2010. To tell you a bigger truth, I’ve been criticized by my friends, siblings and even by my parents for spending so much time on something and not getting anything in return. And to tell you the biggest truth of all, I’ve cried alone in my room, because I felt that even my parents didn’t understand me at times.

They fail to comprehend that I get satisfaction in return of all that I do and that’s enough for me to keep going… and maybe that’s the secret behind the success of ‘the Voice of Youth’ in such a short period of time. Had there been any money involved, the platform wouldn’t have grown so big. It has purely been a voluntary effort.

But I’d like to clear one thing: ‘the Voice of Youth’ is not, never was and never claimed to be a non-profit platform. As you can read in the post titled “Call for Mentors”, I’ve always wanted ‘the Voice of Youth’ to be a social entrepreneurial venture… and that’s what Pakistan needs anyway; Pakistan doesn’t need more job seekers, it needs job creators, especially those who’re simultaneously doing social good. It needs young people bound to bring social change while simultaneously contributing towards the economic well-being of the country. And by being a social entrepreneurial venture, ‘the Voice of Youth’ is neither a beggar in the eyes of international institutions (which, unfortunately, most of the NGOs operating in Pakistan are) nor is it a burden on anyone. So, what’s wrong with that? Seriously?

Finally, I’d like to ask those who’ve had issues: why didn’t any of you come up to me personally to clear your issues? Why did you bring up those issues on public platforms? Why did you write those pathetic notes, which revealed nothing but the fact that how low can you get? :)

Maybe it’s because none of you have been upto any good! :)

That’s all from my side and that’s all you’d hear from me regarding this matter. If you believe my story, good enough; if you don’t, do as you please, but be rest assured that nothing can stop me or ‘the Voice of Youth’. I know I’m not doing anything wrong and I’ll never give up or give in. ‘the Voice of Youth’ will keep growing and it has a long, long way to go.

Please note that this blog post is not open for comments. The only purpose of this post is to tell you my story. Now, it’s upto you to believe it or not.

Momal Mushtaq