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International Disabled Persons Day Special 

By Syed Hassaan Tahir
Institute of Communication Studies
University of the Punjab, Lahore

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Since 1992, ‘International Day of Disabled Persons’ is celebrated throughout the world every year on the third of December. 7% of our total population is suffering with different sorts of disabilities, visual impairment and physically challenged are common among them. According to medical experts, there are different reasons of disabilities. Usually, they are caused due to frequent marriages in same families in which a minor disability happened before. Whatever the reason is, disability is very excruciating and unbearable.

I am a person who is visually impaired. However, normality in my behavior, physical appearance, way of talking and other phases of my life, propelled me to call myself very unfortunate. I am passionate to acquire knowledge, read books, write and serve humanity and to become a helping hand for those who are in need. I am spending my life with agony and embarrassment. Pain and embarrassment is only due to dependence upon others in my curricular life. My sensitiveness and attachment with my friends also teases me in different ways and on different times. Corruption, injustice and selection on low merit  in educational institutes and society makes me sensitive and frustrated and ignorance of my close ones with whom I am sincere and attached teases me and I get frustrated.

Since I came in my practical life, my days and nights are passing with innumerable questions in my mind and tears in my eyes that when this darkness will leave me and when I will start fulfilling my interests and wishes. When I listen that people are writing, getting top positions, getting appreciation and achieving big tasks, I become happy that how beautifully they are utilizing themselves and also enraged that I am not able to compete with them or reach on top due to less opportunities and facilities.

Due to lack of facilities for people having different disabilities in our society, it makes them dependent and an aspirer of human hand to move and get education. People’s sympathetic behavior and rude attitude towards me makes me angry and compels me to think that I am dependent and a burden over them. Depending on others can suppress self respect.

Despite all odds, I am spending a very independent, happy and successful life with the help of clandestine special help and blessings from God and encouraging support by my parents and close ones. I am very thankful to them all. I appeal to those who are enjoying all the blessings of life to avail opportunities and facilities in a constructive way. I implore all the normal individuals to utilize the blessings bestowed by Almighty in the best possible manner and use your talent in nation building. “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow”. Learn before you have to suffer!

“The greatest tragedy in life is people who have sight, but no vision.”Syed Hassaan Tahir is a student of B.Sc (Hons) Communication Studies. This post has been published on Hassaan’s behalf and has been written by him. Being his class fellow and group member plus the News Editor at tVoY I am posting it here, the reason my introduction is appearing below.