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At Last

By Hufsa Sarwar  Image source:  I guess—no wait—I’m sure that my time has finally come. All the medical reports and constant sickness- leave it: It’s all now bore. I don’t care for beeping monitors and flashing green screens… Just let me hold up my hands and leave the machines….

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Final Hour

By Hufsa Sarwar  Image source:  When will all this weariness end? When will we be set free? When will the world realise That none of this is necessary? The truth of the ages Lost in between I wonder if anyone knows That it’s right in front of them Waiting…

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Showing the Filled Side of the Glass

By Naveed ul Haq Image source:  I had this thought in my mind over the last few months. It popped up while I was playing with my TV remote keys and switching local channels for good 3-4 hours. There were ordinary news, headline news, breaking news, talk shows, drama…

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Part 1: Quoting our Anatomy Teacher

By Sultan Abdul Haseeb  Margalla College of Dentistry Image source:   I recently joined a medical institute to pursue Bachelors in Dental Surgery. Before joining, I was quite skeptical that as it’s a medical institute and studies are a lot tougher than they’re at other institutes, I will not get…

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The Paparazzi Recipe

By Moiz Khan  Riphah International University Image source:  Pakistani media has witnessed a sheer amplification in the past few years. New channels have risen up to stand for competition against other channels. Pakistani Media has shaped into a provider of prime entertainment for countless people. Following its growth, our…

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Seven Reasons Why I Will Marry a Chef

By Mariam Khan  Image source:  “Are you insane or out of your mind? This is hilarious! Out of all; engineers, doctors and bankers; you will marry a chef?! Great!” These were the few remarks I received on saying the following sentence, “I will marry a chef”. Why Chef? Reason…

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By Zunaira Afzal  Image source: Google images I love unusual things, The smoke of cigarette The ashes of burnt coal The shards of a broken glass The boiling of eyes, Pregnant with dreams The hollowness of sighs Broken hearts, And faded smiles To sit alone, Sipping black coffee The bitter-sweet…

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The Science of Relationships

By Zunaira Shaikh “I want three things in a relationship: Eyes that don’t cry, lips that don’t lie, and love that won’t die.” Relationships have a wide meaning. They evolve with time and change us along with them. The how, when and where is difficult to explain, however, our entire…

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Close Your Eyes

By Muhammad Shahrukh Khan, Dow University of Health Sciences Fugitive and illusively wise; Colors of her soaked in dyes. Hours when no one rescues twice, In troubles and gambles she burst and cries! Just then, close your eyes; And play with the dream that lets you retry. When words become…

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Meet Hannah Schöffmann, Our Representative

My name is Hannah Schöffmann, I am currently seventeen years old and I am from Austria. I love learning new languages, reading, going out with my friends and listening to music. Another passion of mine is travelling and meeting people from other countries. I am an open- minded person, getting…

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Beautiful Nature

Photography by Biya

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Youth Media Festival 2012

Dates: Feb. 3-5, 2012 Venue: Pakistan National Council of Arts Constitution Avenue Islamabad REGISTER NOW AT Last date for registrations: Dec. 30, 2011 WASIT is an emerging society comprising of skilled, talented and innovative youngsters from GIKI. The team has been involved in the organizing of many national and…

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Human Construction in the Materialistic World

By Fakiha Hassan Rizvi  Institute of Communication Studies University of the Punjab, Lahore Image source:  Two sockets to accommodate a pair of eyes Due to them this complex device cries But today, man has taught them to become spies Dwelling in them is lust for ephemeral joys Two cartilaginous sound…

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An Ineffable Blessing

By Usman Hadi PIEAS                     A dream which is too far to catch A wish with which reality can hardly match A thought of complete fantasy A prayer which is thought to disappear A vision which isn’t at all clear Suddenly,…

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Qaisar Roonjha, a Source of Inspiration

We conclude our Youth Diaries: 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence campaign with this blog post. Yes, it’s important to raise awareness regarding gender violence, so that we may work together to collectively put an end to it, but it’s equally important to highlight the work of exceptional young…

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