Youth Voices

I Met My Love after 7 years! – A Postlude

By Muhammad Shahrukh Khan

I met my love after seven years,

When my life had finally changed its’ gears,

Frozen like statue; my reaction was never clear,

Either recall my haunted past with fear,

or welcome the babe with holy cheer,

or sit idle and do nothing but stare,

Her fluffy cheeks turned pale though,

Time is a foe; I realized too,

Eyes drenched with twilight,

Never dreamed to spare that cruel night,

The night when the moon glazed and stars twinkled,

What about me a loser? who musted and trembled,

I thought a lamp of hope would really lit,

But later it turned out nothing but shit,

For an instant I dreamed of her and me in a fairy ground,

Priceless palace where no one was there to be found,

Dancing in her fingers I approached closer to her cheeks,

Woke up; The waiter brought me some kebabs and sheiks,

I ate them quickly as I was falling late,

My life, my love, my girl, my fate,

She smiled again as she used to do,

Her elegant feat stole my heart though,

Soaked in the memories of past,

The time me and her had a blast,

As every love story has a twist,

I wished I had never experienced that quest,

The envy of others caused my demise,

I wish now I had killed those three blind mice,

I claimed to be a man of versatile,

But never knew my love was too fragile,

At an instant, I caught an eye-contact,

Her elegant sight had the same impact,

Her fainted face soon revealed the time that had passed,

Me; out-smarted, out-dated and out-classed,

At an instant, she was gone,

Like a thrilling mist of Armageddon,

The die-hard patient then searched for Teressa the nurse,

The moment his life was doomed with curse,

I resisted even though I wasn’t that clever,

I believed that our love would live forever,

Shocked to death plus eager and keen,

D’you you really know what I mean?

History is mystery; either Nixon or Zedong,

I inquired myself, “Where did it all go wrong?”

The day I made a home of plastic clay;

Those noons when I heard depressing tunes of fray,

Those evenings I cried lonely in my loft,

You’re my night angel that turned Lara Croft.

There are four and twenty million doors

No matter my gardens grow the shiny ores,

I’m all done with life’s endless corridor,

It now seems I care no more.

A flying dove dies as a rotten rover,

Oh boy! my love then flashed ‘Game Over’,

Her smoky lips and golden hairs,

I met my love after seven years,

Never remind me now of those years of fears,

A night later; I bursted into tears.

P.S.  This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real person’s life (including that of the author’s) is purely coincidental.