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Master Ayub’s Street School Project

By Ghania Suhail
NUST Business School

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Across the slums located in one of the elite sectors of Islamabad, a piece of land right next to the play area allotted by the Capital Development Authority has been playing a pivotal role of being a make shift school for some 300 underprivileged children who are mostly from the squalid.

The school is headed by Master Ayub who has been teaching with utmost determination, honesty and selflessness. He doesn’t charge them any money for the tuition. He has been doing this gem of a task for the past 25 years and has managed to enable numerous students to gain command over English language as well as attain a place in the respectable stratum of the society through obtaining good jobs.

Apart from teaching these children everyday, he has a job and a family to support. However, despite his meager income, Master Ayub has ensured that he takes a generous portion of his income out for the children of the street school. He bears their medical and stationery expenses and has guaranteed the provision of blackboards, chalks and mats for the children to sit on. He considers the children of the street school as his own and cares for them as such.

Master Ayub is now 65 years of age and is still teaching with the same level of fervor. There are several volunteers and family members who are teaching alongside voluntarily, infusing the young minds with the glint of education, an epitome of inspiration for many.

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Ghania Suhail, a student of NUST Business School, is a youth activist and writer. She is aware of the social and economic crises of this country and wants to ensure that she plays some role in improving the current state. She has an experience in terms of attending various youth related conferences and discussions.

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  1. Syed Ahmad Raza Syed Ahmad Raza says:

    no words… we just need more and more master ayubs today desperately.

    now that is called a good image of pakistan

  2. Lubaina Ehsan Lubaina Ehsan says:

    Master Ayub! Pakistan needs people like yu!

    We all wait for a ‘revolutionary’ to stand up amongst us n help meet the challenges while there are gems in our society whom we fail to acknowledge.. Just saying :)..

    P.S. Ghania Suhail, awsum work done by putting light on Master Ayub :)

  3. MashaALLAH! This brings me to tears! I wish all of us had hearts like him.

    May Allag grant him success in this life, and the life hereafter. Ameen.

    Very inspiring!

  4. Fahaad says:

    wow !! I wish I could do some thing like that . I probably should :/

  5. Nihal Khan Nihal says:

    Though I love the fact that you brought the great Master Ayub to the spotlight, I just think it’s sad that we only found out about him, now. I mean 25 years and our media couldn’t appreciate him before? That is sad. But anyways, I love the guy from what you’ve said, he does. Not only our country, but the whole world needs more people like him.

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