Youth Voices

10 Good Reasons Why You SHOULD Smoke

By Fahaad Humayun

The following post does not reflect the opinion of the Voice of Youth.

1.  Smoking is healthy. Yes it is! If you are a smoker, then smoking will help you cure flu, nausea, fever and even asthma.

2. Smoking is an addiction, which is considerably cheaper than all other addictions: fast food, X-box, television, internet and shopping etc to name a few.

3. All great men used to smoke. It is a fact.

4. Smoking strengthens your will power. Smoking in this hostile and cruel world, where your parents, siblings, friends, doctors and other entities discourage smoking, shows signs of will power. Apply this mental strength to other fields of life, and you are all set to become successful. Power to you, man.

5. Smoking helps economy, by providing work for growers, packagers, importers, tobacco store owners and their staff. They would all lose their legal jobs if smoking is made illegal.

6. Smoking makes you eat less, thus making you look slim and lean. All those models survive on water and 40 cigarettes a day and look how slim and attractive they are. Be careful not to push it, though. You wouldn’t want to look like death’s first cousin.

7. Smoking helps you socialize. You could easily be friends with fellow smokers and hang out together.

8.  Smoking is cool. If it weren’t, then every other hero in Hollywood wouldn’t have been shown puffing ringlets of smoke and beating up the bad guys.

9. You get to breathe fresh air every time you go out of the room for a smoke. Now, that is definitely healthy.

10. It helps you stay up, remain energetic and work for long hours, and that’s productive, isn’t it?

P.S.  It took me less than 5 minutes to write these points which shows that there are more smoking has more advantages than disadvantages.