Youth Voices

Be Youth Media Festival’s Ambassador

WASIT is an emerging society comprising of skilled, talented and innovative youngsters from GIKI. The team has been involved in the organization of many All Pakistan and International events. The main focus of ‘WASIT’ is to provide opportunities to the youth to showcase their talent. The Youth Media Festival 2012 will be a three day event comprising of a fun-filled, innovative and entertaining environment.

This year, we’re looking for students who demonstrate excellent leadership and interpersonal skills to represent Youth Media Festival 2012 at their institute as event ambassadors. It’s a great opportunity for students to add to their experience and CV. Fill out the following form to avail it.

Please note that the representatives of tVoY will be given preference in the selection procedure. If you’re not a representative, you may consider filling this form first.

In case of any queries, feel free to contact us. For regular updates regarding Youth Media Fetival 2012, check its Facebook event.

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following form by December 10, 2011:
[form YMF]