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Imran Khan Will Be an Epic Fail Too

By Fahaad Humayun 
NUST Business School

Image by the author. Source: Internet 

I know politics is not allowed on tVoY but this one is not strictly a political post. In recent weeks (not months) I have seen my friends using social media to support Imran Khan in the upcoming general  elections. I hope they actually vote for him too.

But really people, what makes you think  that he’s the Savior and leader to lead us to prosperity?  Winning a cricket world cup and running a charity hospital doesn’t merit you as a successful politician. If that’s the criteria then there are a whole lot of people you should vote for. Inzimam-ul-Haq was a better player than Imran Khan and Abdul Sattar Edhi has done more charitable work. Alright they are not into politics and they don’t own a political party but what has Mr. Imran Khan done in politics to convince you that he is the right man for this job. What has his party done?

Let me ask you a simple question folks. Do you people even know the mandate and constitution of Imran Khan’s party? “No” is the answer I infer. I guess seeing him on T.V shows criticizing America and present government made you think he is the right guy for Pakistan. And his party, well it doesn’t matter does it. “Jo bhi Imran Khan ki party mai huga acha huga”.

I believe that what Pakistan needs is an honest guy. A really simple honest guy and Imran Khan by no means is honest. I wouldn’t go into his private life and stories but you guys got the hint. Putting aside his private life I can recount you a number of occasions when he has taken a political U-turn hence making him unreliable and most importantly dishonest. Remember the support he gave to Musharraf early in his reign and when Musharraf chose Jamaat-E-Islaami as his aide he turned against Musharraf. I even remember him supporting U.S on terrorism when the saga started in 2001-2002. He was one of the few who supported U.S’s attack on Afghanistan back then. The guy is not new in politics. He has been around for 15 years or less. His party’s progress is Nil.

So guys I’m really amazed which magic he has conjured to get the support of educated youth in Pakistan. Enlighten me please :)

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