Youth Voices


By Rabail Zehra

“You have to own your mistakes, otherwise your mistakes own you.”

Be it on any possible human level, mistake is something we all make. Mistakes aren’t always an unethical or an act of a mischief; it is not always sinful either. It can be an oblivious act being unknowingly done; a chance not fully availed or having taken a blessing for granted. Hence, it is a gesture that has consequences of repentance, regret and a great deal of learning ahead. Under circumstances of great favor, everything seems within the grip of our success and virtue, we certainly feel triumphant and at the top of the world. But no one can see what tomorrow has to bring, those flourishing moments of self proclaimed prosperity may come bashing down to the floor of reality the very next day and then we remember our mistakes! Life works and the hand of God makes us realize that we are made to be so “imperfect”.

The only difference that changes the entire scale of looking into it, perhaps, is the mindset one has to live with. It isn’t an argument about how one develops a perspective about a certain aspect of life, unluckily enough, once developed it doesn’t let us go. Talking about the mistakes we make, we can either choose to brood on them for the rest of our lives, keep humiliating ourselves unless a time comes where we are on the verge of a total collapse or to carelessly move on and never look back on whatever we leave behind. These are two extreme opinions about having to handle a part of life which is flawed.

Mistake can be a careless little deed of no importance when a little child lies about a toy he stole or an adult confidently lying about his misdeeds – the realization comes only with the acceptance of what we’ve done or the impact of it, and this is the beginning of the process when we start counting our mistakes. Our deeds reflect on our lives, they have permanent marks on our subconscious that speak louder when they see a similar injustice being done somewhere else. There’s no escapade to injustice. Life doesn’t offer an undo option but it does give us a chance of redoing it. So, here’s the whole point of being easy on ourselves. Don’t push it hard to undo, make it flexible to redo better.

Life indeed is a mess of trial and error – one gets so easily caught up in the complexities of life enchanting experiment, of exploring life itself, that we hardly find time to enjoy its every outcome or at least look at it in a harmless way. Time heals and life moves on. Nobody would stop and stare on what our past has to display, that they would get from what our present is portraying them.

Mistakes are nonetheless an important part of our growth. We fail and we succeed. Not every mistake comes with a token of a written “failed” over it. A little mistake highlights the danger zone for committing a bigger one. And to our content, we haven’t come with a known, predefined catalog for this course known as life. The chapters can be surprising. Read through them and learn to get ready for the future.