Youth Voices

The Change I See

By Hina Tabassum Khatri

Image Credits: Google images

It is not long ago that I went to school myself. I remember that time when I always thought that the course was way too tedious and boring. Not just that, I always sought out ways in which I would not have to do all that homework and stuff. But of course, my teachers made sure that that was never a possibility!

Now all that was because I had teachers who were committed to their profession and they knew that they were in a position of shaping THE FUTURE! And it is because of those teachers who had faith in me and my abilities that I am what I am today.

That time is past now. I could only think of it and remember it with a smile on my face.

But the question is: Does that smile stay there for sometime?

Regretfully, I put this in words that the smile is wiped off my face with the reality I face!

The reality being the educational scenario today.

What I see today is are teachers who are not yet done with their own studies. Teachers who are not well acquainted with their course material, their subject. Teachers who are just there to earn money for themselves. Teachers who are simply not bothered that they are inculcating an attitude of laziness in the future generations. Teachers who have no idea that they are practically ruining the future ofPakistan.

I do not say that this is true for all the academic institutes across the country, but it definitely is true for many. And this doesn’t only include those small budget schools that have sprung on every other street but also a few of those institutes that have a very good standing.

Here arises another question.

Who is responsible?

I would say that it is the institutes themselves for the same reasons I mentioned earlier. But I would no way force my conclusions on everyone. Thus I invite you to come forward with your views and suggest ways in which this kind of thinking can be countered!