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Beauty of Gilgit Baltistan – Part 1

By Arham Tariq

It’s quite a long article; I will post it in parts.

Part 1

I have visited Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan four times and luckily I have been to all seven districts. These include Gilgit, Diamer, Ghizer, Ghanche, Astore, Hunza and Skardu. Each time I have seen some of the most amazing and spectacular places. It’s the part of the world with lush green valleys, giant peaks, and long glaciers. One can relish snow capped mountains, waterfalls and crystal clear blue lakes. So, I have decided to share with you some of the amazing memories with pictures and some information.

I have done traveling through air and by road. Both of them have been marvelous for me. Traveling by air is often known as air safari because you can see all the mountains, rivers and other spots For example: I have seen Lake Saif-ul- Muluk through air, and it’s just a fifty minutes journey (to both Gilgit and Skardu). However, by road this five minute journey takes a whole 24-hour, but it is still worth traveling. You will savor every moment of this trip. Mountains, lakes, rivers, hot and cold springs and lush green valleys can be seen throughout.

River Indus, snow capped peaks and thick clouds

Snow capped peak and thick clouds

Jaglot is place near Gilgit where junction of three mighty mountain ranges, Karakorum, Hindu Kush and Himalayas occurs. It has special importance because it is only in Pakistan that the three mountain ranges meet. At the same point River Indus meets river Gilgit.

In several mountains of Gilgit and Skardu, the engravings of Buddha can be found which shows the presence of Buddhists in these areas during the old times.

The engraving in the picture is near Gilgit:

Gilgit Baltistan

Another splendid place near Gilgit is Kargah Nallah. Either you can reach nallah by hiking or by jeeb. It is pleasant in the afternoon and a lot of families come here for picnic and fishing.

Hunza is one of popular destinations in Northern areas because of its spectacular scenic beauty. Hunza is around 2-hour drive from Gilgit. It has many fruits trees and enormous mountains. While reaching Hunza, there is Rakaposhi view point from where one can see Rakaposhi (one of the largest mountains in Pakistan).

Hunza is beautiful, having many sights which are an absolute must to be seen. It has forts namely Altit fort and Baltit fort. One of the main attractions of Hunza valley includes Eagles Nest hotel which is about 3000m above Altit village (main village of hunza). It offers a view of Hunza valley, but, people usually visit this hotel during sunset and sunrise or in the full moon which I was unable to do so. Also, this hotel has been visited by many popular personalities including Pakistan cricket team during 90’s.

So, you better start packing your things and head to this beauteous wonderland!

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