Youth Voices

Time to Work for a Cause

By Nayyab Zehra

According to UNICEF, 59% of the total Pakistani community is the youth in year 2011. Hence, now is the best time for us, the youth to work for the betterment of Pakistan. We should take individual steps to achieve collective progression. Practical work is the need of the hour. Let’s get up, initiate and support causes which will result in immense positive changes in Pakistan.

Considering this, I have come across a very deserving organization which is working at a magnificent level to provide high standard of living for orphans. Saba Homes was established in 2006 initially with a very small number of girls being taken in for nuturing. Mr. Saghir Aslam and his wife Mrs. Bushra Aslam took this initiative of giving these girls a lifestyle no less affluent than any other kid in our society.

I visited Saba homes on 14th August on their event for the Independence Day, where Saba girls performed tabuleas and skits. My heart bleeds to see these girls with no family to cheer them up but at Saba Home, under the name head of Saba welfare Trust, they gained such happiness that their faces shone with it.

A humongous number of people did press “Attending” on the Facebook event for these girls but fewer showed up. Even less than that got the courage to donate few pennies for the noble cause.

Saba Homes aims to groom these girls to become the leaders of tomottow. Recently 40 girls are residing at the home and it has the capacity to accommodate 60 girls. Saba Home is no less than a palace for these girls as the house is decorated very beautifully with wall paintings, highly ventilated separate rooms with tiled corridors and has availability of clean drinking water, a personal chef and a tailor too! :)

My sole purpose for writing this is to request my fellow youth to look into this cause and support them as much as they can… Because Charity begins at home

May Allah bless us all with the taufeeq to do good… Ameen! :)

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