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Team Emenents Make Pakistan Proud!

By Anonymous

It was July the 7th. The Sepang International Circuit pit lane looked all jammed with students, technical staff and reporters capturing the start of the Shell Eco Marathon 2011. Members of the team EMENENTS from the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (NUST) were busy doing the last minute preparations on their car to ensure it passes the technical and safety regulation checkup.

It was the only team from Pakistan in urban category that posted a mark on the time sheets coming 6th in overall urban IC category. Months of preparation, planning, khuwaari all yielded fruit on that day. The black “be-car” which they used to call it, had finally done it. It had made them proud where it mattered the most. There were many doubters of this project but what unfolded in Malaysia will surely silence every critic.

Keep up the good work team, and make Pakistan proud next year too!

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Finding my soul..:P

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  1. Congrats. I’m really happy. I was really looking forward to it. Since my cousin was on the team (but he didn’t go) :D

  2. Billue says:

    sultan who is your cousin?name

  3. Saeed Khan says:

    I witnessed their effort. Made us all proud. Our University and our Country.

  4. Mujtaba says:

    emm, was there any faisal masud on our team…..:S….i dont think so…….

  5. Raheel Ansar says:

    Buck up guys… we nustian rocks!!!! Job well done mujti!!!

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