Youth Voices

The Impact and Importance of 23rd March

By Aqeel Hussain Bangash

Image by the author

I am a professional Human Rights Activist. I was interviewed at LUMS Olympiad regarding the 23rd March. The theme was ‘Why do you love Pakistan’ . This is how I shared my feelings.

It was the day when our struggles were streamlined, our efforts channelized. There were no individual benefits. There was no ethnic discrimination. Everyone was united for one Pakistan, forgetting each others’ differences. There was no pushtoon, no panjabi, no sindhi, no baloch, no kashmiri & no bangali. There lived only one identity: Pakistani. But what is the impact and outcomes of 23rd march in 2011? Inconsistent with history!

I stated that if we, the youth don’t have the motivation, then who will be strengthen our country Pakistan? Our present leaders, who are just doing everything for their own interests, who just came in to the parliament to say few words and then go back to their businesses? They are  just doing everything for their own benefits, not for the nation. It is cleared from the past experiences  that these  all are the same. They will not do anything for their nation. Now their is the need of us, the young individuals who are energetic, strong, courageous and who believe in the rightfulness of justice, harmony and liberty.

Now everywhere these is destruction, bloodshed, target killings , suicide bombings, rapes, human trafficking, forced marriages, discrimination.  We have to stand up for the change – a change that brings justice, equality, liberty and one nation. So therefore I request all the youth of Pakistan to be one for your country and inshaAllah if you believe in yourself like I do, then surely one day we will celebrate 23rd march not with our blood but with flowers. We will have real peace and pursuit of happiness in our beautiful country.

Long Live Pakistan, May Allah Almighty bless Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.