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Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

Independence Day Special
the Voice of Youth

By Muhammad Fahaad Humayun

For this Pakistan’s Independence Day, I thought of searching and posting some Pakistani guy’s achievement on Facebook to get some motivation around. Just when I started searching things related to our beloved country Pakistan, my search result is visible to all of you.

Type “PAKISTANI” and as soon as you write “G” after “Pakistani” this is what Google suggests. What can be said about this picture? An immediate thought comes to mind that maybe it’s fake. Well check it yourself.  It’s not fake or Photoshop trick or anything like that. These are the suggestions Google gives you when you search about Pakistan. I may sound repetitive here but I just want to impress the gravity of the situation on you, to make you realize the hidden reality.

Let’s analyze how come Google shows these suggestions. According to my knowledge Google shows the automatic suggestions based purely on the content searched by the users. In simple words it means that people searched this. Not one, two, three or hundreds or thousands. Possibly tens of thousands searched this.

Now who searched these terms? Who search for Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers with this much frequency? Who is so desperate for a contact number of a Pakistani female? Who? Who do you think would search this on Google?

People in Pakistan tend to put all misdoings in the country on three shoulders. One: those infamous Pakistani politicians. Two: the so-called incompetent bureaucracy. Three: foreign super powers, namely U.S. Well what do you think? Are these three culprits involved in this shameful act too? Do the politicians and bureaucrats search this? Or may be Google being an American software house intently gives these suggestions!

I’m afraid, answer to all the above questions is “no”. This is something for which the youngsters, we, the Pakistani youth have to be blamed. They are the ones who search this on internet and God knows what else! This is a cancer in our society which is not unnoticed but yes… uncured. Media is silent about it; youth is silent about it and so is every one else.

A lot can be written and spoke about this issue. But I just want that the same time next year Google shows different suggestions to me. This is in our hands. Make it happen guys; you don’t need foreign funds or government support or some long-awaited “opportunity” for it.

Happy Independence Day!

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