Youth Voices

Educational Reforms in Pakistan – A Series (Part 1)

By Yawar Mushtaq Ghazi
UET Taxila

Image by the author

The fact always bothered me that we need some massive educational reforms and I that can’t do anything about it. Then I thought that I may not be able to do anything practically in this regard but I can propose what must be done in order to play my part in this situation. I pondered upon the flaws of our education system with quite an interest. My research and analysis led me to believe that this system is so much defected that it cannot be repaired. We have to change the whole thing and take a new start.

My explorations about the reforms that must be implemented helped me in developing a proposal that may prove quite helpful to someone from the authorities who really wants to change things. I will be presenting it in the form of a series of articles of which you are now reading the first one. The sequels to this article will cover the amendments that should be adopted in various sectors of our education system including primary education, Madrisa education, Matriculation and F.Sc., undergraduate studies etc.

As youth of Pakistan we must discuss topics like these. These are the venues where our beloved country faces defeats every time. If we want to start a soft and non-violent revolution then we must be working on the key issues like this one. And according to me that is what “the Voice of Youth” is all about.

Part 2 of the series can be read here.

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