Youth Voices


By Shariq Kamran
CIIT Islamabad

Edited by Yamina Javed
English Intern
the Voice of Youth

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All of us have, at one point or another, fallen into the situation where we were punished for actions we believed merited a reward, and as a necessary consequence, our expectations of the result were crushed. We expected to be rewarded with the comfort of success, and that too by those we love and respect the most. Instead, reality brought with it what we had least expected, as if to taunt us by deliberately dashing all our hopes and expectations. It was as if we were being penalized, when in fact, we were all but guilty. It was like life was intimidating us into forsaking virtue. The spirit of doing anything commendable was dealt a severe blow by the outcome of our actions.

It is usually at this point where all hope is lost and disillusionment begins. The blood blames the conscience, the hands are persecuted for their actions and the mind shuns humanity altogether. Yet the truth lies in the fact that in a world where the outcome of every action is preordained, we were arrogant enough to believe ours would be different. The error wasn’t in our actions; rather it was in our expectations. However, it was not meaningless that we did something because we expected something in return.

Now, we cannot deny that we have ravaged our conscience many times just because things did not turn out the way we expected them to. The fact of that matter is, however, that the secret of happiness lies not in abandoning virtue or optimism, but in doing all that is good and necessary without harboring expectations.