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Mujhe Engineering ka Shauq Hay

By Muhammad Fahaad Humayun
Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC-NUST)

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“I like engineering”, that’s what I used to reply whenever people, mostly friends of my dad, asked me what profession I am going to adopt. Oh! I loved engineering back then. And if it’s possible I loved NUST even more. Then there were the times when I chased after different types of engineering. Wanted to be a chemical engineer originally until I faced the monstrous book of SSC and my fear of chemistry is as it is since then. Some one told me Petroleum Engineering doesn’t include chemistry and it is really rewarding so got a crush on that one. Then the epic choice, I seriously searched for the Pakistani institutes who offer Bachelors degree in Nuclear Engineering. No surprises, there were none. I just wanted to do these types with no idea whatsoever of the courses and consequences. Finally I ended up in NUST and being able to choose any engineering of my choice, I chose Electrical just cause it was (is) on top.

But after two semesters I don’t want to do engineering. I desperately want to change my field, and even consulted the NUST career counselors in this regard. “Shauk khatm hu gya hay”.

Must be wondering why? Reasons are simple. I didn’t know a thing about engineering. Didn’t know the courses I have to take, type of studies and amount of learning required. I liked Physics and Mathematics but this isn’t just the college level Physics and Calculus in engineering, and I had absolutely no interest in the courses taught so far. They are really boring, lengthy and difficult. NUST played its part too. Quizzes, hourly tests and assignments, and I don’t know what else drove me crazy. I don’t like thermodynamics, programming and tensor analysis. I like to read and write fiction, listen and compose music, play and follow football etc. So, only after wasting a year of my life I realized ‘mujhe engineering ka shauk nai hay”. Tough competition was the icing on the cake. I don’t hate those famous “Theetas” of NUST as much as I despise myself for getting into it. Basically I ventured out in a field of which I didn’t know a single thing.

And in these times of technology, awareness, and free media it should be a crime. I am sure there are numerous guys out there like me who don’t know about engineering or medical, accounting or even media studies, and just want to do it because “unko shauk hay”. I mean, none of my friends or even college fellows knew about the courses you have had to take in engineering. They didn’t even know how to calculate the GPA then; similar situation prevailed within the medical camp too. We just wanted to go in the field of our “shauk”. There are no career counselors available in FSC colleges and you are pretty much hanging on your own. So, a little advice to guys trying their luck in entry tests this year:

1) “Apne shauq pay mat jana “. Please be sure of what you want to do. Check out the courses and jobs on internet, ask from cousins or uncles. Survey as much as you can. You can ask from universities too. Also check the amount of hard work required to do the degree of your choice and then ask from your self whether you are motivated enough to put in the requisite effort. And can you do it?

2) Don’t just go for your parent’s choice. They certainly have the best intentions at heart but they may not be always right. Make the right choice only after considering all the factors.

3) Explore your options. Engineering and medical and business studies are not the only studies. There are a variety of professional studies being offered. In fact Engineers top the list of un-employed in Pakistan right now.

4) Finally when you are enrolled in a bachelor’s program, give it a real go. Don’t be confused or relaxed. Try as hard as you can and every thing’s going to be easy. As for me, do pray, I get to pass next 6 semesters without a fuss. I have decided to give it a go too! :)