Youth Voices

An Elegy For a Friend

By Raja Nosherwan Khan
SKANS Rawalpindi

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Today I condemn my silent friend
when sight a star in the milky way
the light it brings may never end
our queer prospects are a bit astray,
Though to harness the star and its light
as it drops our shadow on the ground,
my friend our darkness brings our night
when all is muted from light to sound.

Though youth enchants as we grow
in the eye of others become a desire,
our lives are ours until we know,
that death befits to with life conspire;
and the hardest jobs are never forgot
to suffice the mind and to compare,
yet same does stay our graven lot,
with dirt to dip our bodies bare.

We drink to fill our porous soul
and laugh within our cruelest sin,
we bid goodbye to the body whole,
befriend an age of torment therein;
An immortal soul in a mortal man
where from to death did you switch,
a horror creates this shortest span;
while moving on to the earth enrich.