Youth Voices

Thank You, Terrorists

Fahaad Humayun
Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC – NUST)

PNEC: The forgotten constituent of NUST

Thank you terrorists for making this place even more heller (if there’s a word for making a place worse when it’s already hell). By ‘this place’ I mean Pakistan Navy Engineering College, situated near Karsaz in Karachi. PNEC is one of the oldest constituents of NUST. Sadly though, in the recent years, NUST seems to have lost its love for PNEC and a college which was once amongst the top institutions of the country is now the easiest to get into among all NUST campuses.

Apart from the low merit story, the college rarely gets any funds from the people sitting in the cool Islamabad. The consequences are… well, visible to anyone who dares to visit, or in our case, study here. Classrooms are a complete mess and they are the real hell. Neither air conditioning to breath fresh air, nor nice seats to sit in. Weather in Karachi is pleasant only when you are out in open feeling the sea breeze. Inside the buildings, or rather classrooms, it is hot. Seriously hot. 365 days a year it stays hot. Faculty adds up the hell factor. Majority of them are Naval Officers (not qualified ones) and they are even more hot than class rooms… I mean their temper is. Labs present an even sadder story. NUST increased the intake of students last year and the year before the last, but obviously they forgot to increase the capacity of labs here. You can figure out the rest.

Need I tell you that social events or extracurricular activities are extinct here as well? They are not going to send teams to Islamabad or any other city in Punjab for that matter – because of, well you guessed it, funds.

So when terrorists decided to target Pakistan navy establishments in the city, you knew things were only going to get worse. Here’s a short summary of why I am really grateful to them:

Timings were already bad, having to attend classes at 8am sharp when they decided to make it more early and start the college at 7am to confuse the terrorists. Well, it surely confused and bamboozled us in classes – don’t know about the terrorists, though.

PNEC does organize a job fair every semester and it’s open for everyone, not just the Pnecians. The day it was going to be held, terrorists decided to hold their own fair by bombing buses on the main road outside PNEC. It was cancelled.

PNEC authorities decided it was safer for the students to use their own conveyance in the safest of the cities – Karachi – and thus shut off the shuttle service for the students. For security purposes, of course.

Hostel menu wasn’t that good but it wasn’t bad either. Authorities decided it’s time to change it and they denied the food guy the entry in college. Now, the menu is awesome; sometimes you get to have a meal and sometimes you don’t because grocery guy isn’t allowed to come in.

After more than 20 casualties and 10 bombs, college is still open giving us quality education and exposing us to another attack of the terrorists.

And last but not the least, uniform was called off. Now it is all easy for the guys living in their homes to dress up fancy for the college/university, but for us, the hostel prisoners, it becomes difficult considering we previously had to wear uniform for the best part of the day plus the meals.

I don’t know about the funds but I am sure when asked from PNEC authorities, they’ll now blame it on the terrorists too. So thank you terrorists for making this place even more heller. :)