Youth Voices

“Virsa” at CIIT Revives the Culture of Pakistan

By Ali Suleman
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT)

VIRSA (meaning: heritage); sub-event, that eventually turned out to be the highlight, of CEPEX (COMSATS Engineering Project Exhibition); was the first ever cultural event held in CIIT. Through VIRSA, the organizers aimed to revive the diverse cultural heritage of Pakistan.

Beginning with solo singing performance, the event went on to display a short play called “Rung”. Mixed with comedy at the start, the interesting play beautifully ended with a message of national integration of forgetting all cultural differences to think of oneself as a Pakistani first.

VIRSA Idol came as a surprise event for the audience, in which folk singing abilities of COMSATS singers were judged. The crowd were on their feet with their hands clapping wit the beat throughout the competition.

Next is the queue was “Rivaaj”, displaying the bridal culture of Pakistan through a bridal fashion show, with cultural dancers arriving in between at times forcing the audience to cheer and dance along.

Then came “Ramz”, meaning “mystery”. Four folktales, one from each province, presented in form of four amazing tableaus highlighted the rich literary heritage that Pakistan enjoys. Ramz was also a salute to oursufi bards for enriching our culture with such aesthetically beautiful and literary significant lores.

Appreciated at all levels by literary as well as student circles, VIRSA was the first event of its kind in CIIT. Eventually, even if not succeeded in ‘reviving’ the culture of Pakistan, VIRSA certainly played its part ‘promoting’ it, by becoming a small glow-worm in this ever-illuminating kaleidoscopic culture of Pakistan.