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Why Veena Malik?

By Aaishah Abu Bakr
Kinnaird College for Women

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The SMS Mania

Pakistani ki kameeni or Pakistan ko badnaam karney waali actress “Veena Malik” ne Big Boss k baad 1 Indian film sign ki hae jis ka naam hae “Om Muhammad”. Astaghfirullah. Nauzubillah. Mohammed (S.A.W.W) k naam k saath hinduon k bhagwaan Om ka naam lagaya hae. Please iss message ko itna forward karain k hakoomat-e-Pakistan Veena aur uski film per pabandi laganey k liey majboor ho jayey. Hum ab mazeed touheen-e-Risaalat bardaasht nahin ker saktey. Nara-e-Takbeer. Allahu Akbar. Ager yaqeen na ayey tou Google pe dekh lain. (By the way, I googled “Om Muhammed” but couldn’t find any movie by that name.)

The bandwagon of the self-righteous guardians of Islam

So here come the guardians of Namoos-e-Risaalat yet again. The strategy, however, is the same old corny one. Targeting women! It seems like the murder of Taseer was not enough to gratify the pseudo anger of our very own Islamic task force. Luckily for them, their quest for the protection of Namoos-e-Risaalat was satiated yet again to some degree by finding one of the fairer sexes and dragging her reputation in sludge. Her crime? She ‘MISrepresented Islam and Pakistan.’ My answer. What is your representation of Pakistan and Islam? If you think that with your behavior, you are bringing laurels to Islam and Pakistan. Think again!

To Kamran Shahid

You must have heard that “charity begins at home.” Being the son of a film star yourself, it did not suit you to malign another member of the entertainment industry for obscenity for I don’t think our industry was free from it in your father’s time. If you listen to the Frontline episode, you will discern that Veena Malik very rightly asks Kamran Shahid to think about his own father but he sweeps the comment under the carpet. So this is what we called “unbiased, objective journalism.” Time and again he is seen making references to her alleged “going under the quilt” and “drinking” which she refuses point blank. My question to Mr.Kamran Shahid is: There are many politicians out there and other distinguished media personalities who do all the same and much more. How many of them have you called on your show and questioned them about it the very way you questioned Veena? Why only a female? Just because it is entirely alright for a male to smoke and party but when a female does it, it is a puff to our masculine egos? Or is it because of the aged wretched notion that females belonging to the entertainment industry are “gandi aurtain” not creditable of any honor? You talked about Veena degrading the image of Pakistan. What would you call the live prosecution of a Pakistani artist on a national TV, an up gradation of the image of Pakistan? How many journalists or anchors have you seen in India who slander their own artists and call up Pakistani artists to defend them on the phone? In your show, you called up Ashmit Patel(an Indian) and asked him about Veena’s(a Pakistani) moral fiber. If you are so against Indians, why give worth to the estimation of an Indian on your “national issue”? Is that what you call adding to Pakistan’s nobility?

To Mufti Sahab and the Fatwa Factory

The easiest fad to do in Pakistan is to issue a fatwah. If you want to be hailed blindly, add mufti before your name and no one will question your actions and verdicts. It is that uncomplicated. So here comes a mufti on the show who has not even seen Veena ever in his life even in a newspaper or magazine and who has not even watched Big Boss 4 and he labels her “baighairat.” Does this kind of a mind-set suit a mufti? Can you censure someone without even seeing him or her do the alleged act or more without even seeing and knowing the person? Time and again, the mufti appreciated Veena’s “husn-o-jamal” and “qad qamat.” How does he be acquainted with all this when he hasn’t even seen Veena? Or is this because these folks take the weight off their feet and thrash out the appearances of actresses so they know what they look like even without seeing them? Hilarious! Then he goes on in his great effort to “shake” the “zameer” of Veena and asks questions like: “Would you like to see yourself-as portrayed in Big Boss- with your son, brother and father?” Now what kind of a question is this? As far as I know, what goes on in your conscience is between you and your Lord. No one can question your “zameer” on a live TV show (and then expect you to be an improved person also). Mufti sahib! Playing a blame-shame-justify game didn’t go well with you especially when you were not capable to answer questions that Veena put. Being a religious figure, if you wanted to perk up Veena’s conduct, condemning her on the TV in front of the world was not the way to do it. And the cherry on top of the fatwah cake was when the mufti sahib “praised” Sania Malik who took the “right” path of “marrying” a Pakistani citizen instead of Veena who openly hugged males without a relation. Probably mufti sahib thinks that wearing shorts and playing tennis is alright as long as you “marry” and probably also because he is unaware of the five different fatwas that the Indian muftis have issued against Sania with charges much graver than those on Veena. That again shows that we as Pakistanis take pride (and go to the extent of gifting gold crowns) if a Pakistani man has a relationship with an Indian woman but we assume that Pakistan is deflowered when a Pakistani female dares to do the same. Applause! Compare the frantic media coverage given to the Sania-Shoaib wedding and the swear word campaign being run against the actress.

To Syed Noor

The most appalling and thwarting comments against Malik were made by our very own film director, Syed Noor. He asserted that “getting under the quilt” and hugging and kissing were absolutely okay in movies since films are fiction but doing so on a reality show is liable to be punished by. Wow. Another amusingly pathetic comment of his was that if Veena had done such scenes in any other country be it USA, it would have been absolutely okay but since she did it in India, it can’t be digested. Standing ovation to Noor Sahab. Since when had God permitted sinning in a particular geographical area permissible and in another punishable?? What dichotomous standards we have. I wish Noor Sahab had thought a little about his own second marriage with a film star and what his own movies are like. But I guess, we enjoy peeping into others’ houses more and remain oblivious of the filth mounting up in our own abodes.