Youth Voices

Happy Birthday, SK

Saeed Khan aka SK is a final year student of Electrical Engineering at College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, NUST. Saeed loves gaming on PC, Xbox 360 and Play Station 2. He plays single as well as mutliplayer games. His favourite online games include MOHAA and COD4. Saeed has won many titles in gaming including the Twin City University Tournament. Saeed also loves to watch movies. Currently, he has 500 movies in his PC and that we consider an achievement. :P

Saeed’s favourite activities include Hiking and Trekking and has had the pleasure of Skiing at Nanga Parbat in a very bad weather condition. :P

Saeed writers in his free time and occasionally contributes for OC! Also, he was among the very first to join OC!

Today, on his birthday, we wish him a prosperous new year. Happy Birthday SK! :)