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Counter-Opinion: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall! Who’s to Blame in This All?

By Muhammad Awais Kaleem
Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Of Engineering and Technology

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What do we lack that the western world doesn’t? Why are they assumed to be better than us? From my very childhood, the answers I’ve been hearing to questions like this have been: because they work hard day and night, because they don’t waste their time, because they have a flourishing platform to grow upon, because their economy is strong, because the security given to them by their law is great. A diversity of views one gets mingled in easily. True they are, though, from a certain approach.

But why do we ask ourselves such questions? What are the leading birds that we don’t have? Power? Resources? Administration? Talk about power for an instance. How do you define power? A general assumption states that the ability to have the right to do whatever one wants to do is power. Resources similarly direct to the natural assets that can be utilized in a profitable fashion. Administration owns both the power and resources. So being a part of the “general” gang, we blame the administration for everything happening out of the loop.

Consider an average person in a developed economy. He has an average salary, average needs, average aims. He pays his taxes, affords an apartment, his food and his clothes. He leaves for his office at 9 in the morning and comes back at 5. He does his laundry, cooks dinner, marks his attendance in the social circle. He thinks about the future ahead; sometimes, he’s afraid; sometimes, ambitious; sometimes, “I’ll see when it comes to me”. He sleeps a good night sleep, and so on.

Now when we compare this to an average person in our country, we see the he doesn’t has his basic needs fulfilled. So what is wrong with this country? Our Government? Our Poverty? Our Corruption? Well, a sensible person would go for d) none of these. You think I’m calling myself sensible? Hell no. I myself would’ve chosen any one of the top three. But the truth is that nobody wants to accept the fact that we don’t have anyone to put our blames upon except for ourselves. Seems pretty usual, doesn’t it? Well IT’S NOT! Consider yourself walking in a market and boom! there goes another suicide attack! Who’s to blame? Again consider yourself watching news and “poor hungry people” of Pakistan in it. Who’s to blame? Consider a Senator of Pakistan accused and duly proven to be ineligible for Senate because of his fake documents. Who’s to blame? Everybody knows the answer to this question. It’s the realization of this answer we all feel insecure from. The answer being “Ourselves”. We have made a joke out of our lives and beliefs. We see a person not fasting and not offering prayers, we sarcastically assault him. Now, I’m not in favor of this guy but neither am I opposing him. My point being, why do I care if this guy is fasting or not. I know our Holy Book teaches us to “Command the good and forbid the evil”. But you got to learn how to preach first. Has anybody learnt that from Holy Quran or Uswa-e-Hasana? If nobody listens to you, you’re no good for anyone. Simply justifying yourself by saying “If these preaching would wake even one eye up, it’s worth it”. No it’s not. Wake up. We are the representatives of Islam, not assigned professors. Do preach but the way our ancestors used to do i.e. by their DEEDS, or else watch your timing when you preach. Do you really want yourself to be a repulsive representative of your religion? Having multiple ideals is another insecurity we all have these days. This, I believe is much more insane than Idolizing. Pier Steel, a psychologist from the University of Calgary in Alberta said “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are probably right.” So Believe in yourself, in something that explicitly belongs to you, your country. We are, I believe much more intelligent than the western world. Where it’s a blessing for us, it’s a curse as well. Because of it, every single person has his own unique opinion about everything. Ask any person in Pakistan about how to get ourselves a better living, and you’ll get as many consultants as you want.

To change Pakistan, you don’t need to change the government or system or as some might say “bring democracy” crap. You need to bring yourself up. Stop imitating others. If you don’t like your current local culture, make your own. But do something that has your copy rights on it. And like it or not, but “One should seriously mind his own business”. Do so and I don’t see a reason why the world won’t detest you.