Youth Voices

From Despair to Death

By Nihal Ijaz Khan
Lahore Grammar School for Boys
Paragon City Campus

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I walk this abandoned street,
remembering that life which lay,
Lay profoundly before my feet,
just waiting for that day.

For on that day I became a living dead,
for committing a major sin.
When my father had openly said,
“You are no longer a part of this kin.”

And with that I was thrown,
out of what stood a rusty gate.
The time when my evil seed was sown,
seems not distant, but late.

For I clearly remember it wasn’t long ago,
and it started with a mere thought,
my public facade acting as a layer of snow,
masking what I truly sought.

I sought peace and solitude,
in my troubled life of dejection,
It couldn’t be acquired in such a multitude,
and so I resorted to The INJECTION.

At first the feeling was overpowering,
but I figured I could make it hide.
Soon I realized the pleasures were lowering,
and then came the desires of suicide.