Youth Voices

Our Community, Tamasha and My Photography

By Salman Saeed

Hello fellow writers and artists, I recently joined Our Community. My name is Salman Saeed and I am a student of ACCA, residing in Islamabad. I was thinking of posting something more informative but since I have my Exams in a couple of days, I am unable to do so.I am going to participate in FAST University’s upcoming event Tamasha to be held in January. Check out the website if you are not aware of it. But since Momal Mushtaq is a part of the Tamasha team, you all might already know about it. :P

For now, give the following photographs a look and let me know if you feel my skills are worth taking part in the above mentioned event.

My cousin HASAAN.

My cousin AZAAN.


And indeed NOT-MY Balloons. Lol