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Happy Birthday Sanchit

Sanchit Jain’s contribution for Hope Amidst Colours Contest – organized by Momal Mushtaq

A diligent student of Institute of Engineering & Technology of Managalayatan University, India Sanchit Jain is the only representative of Our Community so far from outside Pakistan. He blogs occasionally and loves to draw. All in all, he is a very sweet and caring person.

Today, on his birthday, we wish him all the best for anything and everything he does in his life. May God grant him all that he wishes for. May he finds success in all avenues of life. May he spends a long, blissful and contended life.

Happy Birthday, Sanchit! Wish you many happy returns of the day! :)

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A telecommunications engineer who, through his writings, wishes to modulate social freedom, synchronize politics with true democracy, filter out emotionalism from rationality, and broadcast peace all over the world. Serving as Head Publications of tVoY since its inception. Can be contacted at

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  1. Sanchit Jain says:

    thanks this was really sweet :)

  2. Seemal says:


    Hope you have the best day ever =]
    God bless.

  3. Sanchit Jain says:

    thanks Seemal :)
    take care :)

  4. Asma says:

    Happy birthday, Sanchit:)

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