Youth Voices

This Haze

By Nihal Ijaz Khan
Lahore Grammar School for Boys
Paragon City Campus

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It feels difficult
to live in these days
Where we rarely get to see
beyond this haze

This haze which separates
us from the reality
The reality which is distanced from us
by the authorities’ confidentiality
This haze which is
in fact a smear of ingenious lies
What are we? That oblivious,
we do not even realize?
Realize that we’ve been manipulated
into thinking we were wrong
Realize that in our minds,
the truth was oppressed all along

However, sometimes people do get to see
beyond this smear
But for them it’s only a matter of time
before their lives become dear
For the authorities do not like
for such people to reveal
the truth that seems
so unreal

Unreal because the mind
cannot handle the reality
Once it’s been fed
with lies of quality
So thus, such people
are asked to ignore
what they’ve discovered
and what lies more
To make them forget
is what the authorities try
Surely they harm
those who fail to comply
Those who aren’t afraid
search for publicity
In hopes of one day
ridding the society of this toxicity
But this world, and its people
they’re so manipulative
They discourage those
who gain initiative
Thus the thoughts of these people
are greatly oppressed
And so they leave this world
in vain and depressed
As for the authorities,
their lives go on
Unscrupulous their ways,
the haze they depend upon