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A visit to Ajmer-e-Shariff

By Sanchit Jain
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Mangalayatan University

It was a hot Friday night when we started planning a tour. This time the place had to be an exotic destination, so we chose Ajmer, a city in Rajasthan, almost 450kms from Delhi. As we finished planning the route, it was time for us to gear up for the journey. We decided to conquer the roads on motorbikes. Everything was set and I with 6 other guys left Delhi at 2am on Friday night. It was supposed to be a thrilling journey. Riding our bikes for over 100km before our first break was a big deal for us. By this time it was almost 6am. After our breakfast we left the inn. We again rode for continuous 6 hours to reach Pilani. By this time we covered almost 300kms of road. And at Pilani amazing Rajasthan food and a swimming pool awaited for us. After riding so much we needed all that. That day we reached Ajmer at 9pm and made plans for the next day. Our final plan was to visit Ajmer-E-Shariff* and Pushar Lake. As the sun peeped in our room, we were ready for our day. First of all we visited the Dargah Shariff. There were huge vessels at the entrances. As we proceeded towards the Dargah, view turned extra ordinary. After this we went off to Pushkar Lake and now it was time to start our journey home. It was surely a memorable experience; I am uploading few pictures which we clicked during the journey.

*Ajmer – E – Shariff is the resting place of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, the great Sufi saint who was said to be the “living spirit” of peace and harmony. It is situated at the Taragarh hills of Ajmer at the heart of Rajasthan. Dargah complex includes buildings, tombs, and courtyards.

The group

A dargah at Pilani


Pushkar Lake

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  1. himani sharma says:

    lake is so beautiful..!
    even the first image is amazing.

  2. Dev!l says:

    Honestly, its a great PERSONAL experience and would had made for a great post if it was a personal blog but honestly on this blog? I mean fine if you want to do such a post write more about the destination. Why would i be interested in seeing a bike's photo or "mean machines" or a group photo of the author's friends?

  3. Really nice write-up ! I am from Pakistan, my maternal family is in India. During my 1995 visit to India (I was 5 then) I had the chance to visit Ajmer with my Mom. I don't remember much from the journey, but a considerable part is photographed into my memory, it was indeed a great experience.
    Your friends remind me of my friends, we are also "Sangat" and do stuff like this :) Awesome work mates :) Take care

  4. Sanchit Jain says:

    @Himani – thank you :)

    @Devil- i basically wanted to share the photos of the Dargah and the Lake

    @Zeshan Ahmed- thanks :) i wanted to click the pictures of Dargah too but it was restricted :( it was a divine experience..and things have changed there in last 15 years :) thank you :)

  5. @Sanchit I would love to visit it again :) Take care man and keep sharing your "Motorcycle Diaries" :)

  6. FD.Sheikh says:

    Nice read. :) wish could visit Ajmeer Sharif once :(

  7. Sanchit, it's quite an interesting post. Good work. :)

  8. Super pics..Feel like taking a bike and going to Ajmer e Shareef ;) *Such realistic dreams*

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