Youth Voices

University of the Punjab

By Waleed Khalid & Usman Khan
University of the Punjab

Sheikh Zaid Islamic Center

Gate Number 5, Punjab University Library/Mosque

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  1. Dev!l says:

    For the last time neither me nor Usman belongs to the Commerce college -.-' I am studying in the Center of High Energy Physics and Usman in Institute of Mass Communication

  2. There has been a miscommunication. We regret the error.

  3. hasanphd says:

    Amazing Picture :) Loved it . The second one is awesome.

  4. hey when will the other uni pics come up?

  5. Yes, they will :) The next post labelled as Campus Photography will be on Aga Khan University.

  6. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    What about the pictures we sent you of our universities, that were due by 26th Aug ?

  7. Arsh Azim says:

    so can v edit the photos too?

  8. We couldn't post them yesterday due to our busy schedules. They would be posted one by one now :) We apologize for the delay. @ Zeeshan

  9. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    No problem :) Also I have saved a draft. Do have a look.

  10. @ Arsh: Yes, you can :)

  11. ‎@ Zeeshan: Okay :)

  12. Zeeshan Ahmed says:


  13. Arsh Azim says:

    @our community
    that's GREAT :D

  14. Muhammad Usman Khan says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD momal mushtaq!!!l….. we have nothing to do, either with PCC or UCP.. puhleeez… kill me now :@

  15. It could have been any of the admins, not just Momal Mushtaq :P Anyway, there has been a miscommunication. We regret the error.

  16. Arsh Azim says:

    this is for? :/

  17. Muhammad Usman Khan says:

    yea fine… whatever! it could be anyone… i'm so naive :P

  18. ‎:P
    BTW, the corrections have been made :)

  19. Muhammad Usman Khan says:

    oh yea! i din't notice THAT.. i think i need an electron microscope now.. however, thanks for being so 'co-operative' OC.. your THE best XD

  20. Moh says:

    Am I welcome too? :P

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