Youth Voices

NUST BBA Interview

By Momal Mushtaq
NUST Business School
NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad

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The Entrance Test Result for NUST BBA is announced with the interviews beginning from July the 28th (I guess :P). Two years back, I went through the same selection procedure which included a lengthy entrance test and a relatively easy interview. Since I’ve been receiving calls regarding the interview questions to be asked, I decided to publicly share my personal experience here. And my advice to all is to be original; be yourself. Hopefully, you’ll make through. :)

Note: What follows was written on 23/08/2008. Ignore the childishness in the tone. :P

“Oh, the interview…
Well, I was very sad when I woke up (different reasons including my distasteful habit of making assumptions), but thanks God… Everything was fine in a while! And I prepared myself very happily for the interview!!
They made me wait for three and a half hours… By then, I desired to kill everyone in the hall! Not to forget, by then, I had also gathered lots and lots of information on the institution and the selection procedure!
The interview… it merely lasted for 10-15 minutes! It wouldn’t have went on even this long… thanks to my talkative nature, it did!
The entrance… A seat was placed in the middle of a sort of rectangle! I had to sit there! Surrounded by eight men and one woman… all around me! Gosh.
Anyway, here’s how it went… I think!
Them: What’s your name?
Me: Momal Mushtaq
Them: So Momal, why you want to do BBA? Why not engineering?
Me: Well, I went through the courses studied in engineering and BBA and I believe the ones studied in BBA are more closer to me! Every semester includes an arts related course which I can take as a treat!
Them: Art related course like?
Me: English Literature, Psychology, IR, Communication Skills, History…
Them: Did you apply for engineering at NUST?
Me: No! (That was a lie! )
Them: What’s your quality Momal?
Me: (Papa had asked me to take my published articles along… He was told many a times that they’re not ‘that’ good… but he didn’t listen! He also told me to somehow make them go through those articles!!!) Well, I’m friendly, sociable and a good writer… *pause* I’ve brought some of my writings! I’d really love it if you go through them!
Them: Why don’t you take out your favourite and read it?
Me: Sure… (I read some paragraph on Two Nation Theory!)
After I read my so-called favourite paragraph to them… There was this uniformed man in the panel… He told me about Mahatma Gandhi – one of his quotations in which he expressed his disregard regarding the Two Nation Theory! He asked me if I sided with Gandhi? Before I could answer, the only female in the panel asked… “Do you remember the theory, Momal?”
Me: Yeah… according to it, Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations and I disagree with that statement of Gandhi!
And someone who appeared the head of the interviewers finally said, “Thank you Momal! You’ll hopefully get admission.”
Another man: We’ve a Literary Society here! I’m its head!
Me: Well, I hope to be a part of it… that it of course if I get admission! (lol!)”

I hope it helps. Good luck. :)