Youth Voices

The Unsung Sacrifice

By Ali Suleman
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

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This small poem is dedicated to an unknown hero, Shamim Akhtar (shopkeeper in a village near Peshawar), who had first downrightly refused the demands of the terrorists of giving weekly bhatta to them, and then their offer of joining them and work for them, and consequently was murdered publicly.


The Unsung Sacrifice
You brutes can slaughter me, oh yes!
But how’ll you vanquish m’ faithfulness?
Even now that smile doesn’t bequeath my face
My corpse still lies with pride and grace
My heart is content, for I am sure
There in my nation, are heroes more
The lions whom all these vultures dread
Will not forget my dripping blood
My sacrifice won’t go in vain
I know my people feel the pain
One day, yes one day, in th’ Land of Pure
They’ll bring peace, and of that I’m sure…