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Taj Mahal Hotel Nathiagali: Among the Top 5 Restaurants of Pakistan

By Usman Zahid
College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
NUST Rawalpindi

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Taj Mahal Hotel is located in Nathiagali, a mountain resort of Pakistan. It is an hour’s drive away from Murree and two hours drive from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. The hotel is the most popular eating place in Nathiagali. Surrounded by a beautiful scenery, covered in clouds and accompanied with chilly weather, Taj Mahal Hotel is surely one of the best places to eat quality food.

I took the above photo while in Nathiagali. According to the banner, Taj Mahal Hotel is ranked 4th amongst the best restaurants of Pakistan. According to Washington Post Correspondent, Chicken Roast of Taj Mahal Hotel is the best in the world. Chicken Roast is made with special spices which gives it a unique taste.

Well, this is hundred percent correct. I have tried it myself; you can have my word on that :). Not just the Chicken Roast, but the Chicken Karahi is also very tasty. Moreover, the rates are modest too.

Taj Mahal Hotel is divided into two parts. The first floor is reserved for families while the ground floor is open for all. I recommend Taj Mahal Hotel to whoever visits Nathiagali. Also, I suggest that we take care of beautiful places like Nathiagali and keep the environment clean.