Youth Voices

Life’s Renewed Journey: My Transgression into a Wilderness Campus

By Seemal Mushtaq
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad

It seemed as if National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is our family institution. Just as when my elder sister joined it, my elder brother graduated from it. And a year later, my turn came to make intrusion into NUST.

Getting admission in to NUST was not an easy chore, as large numbers of brilliant candidates try to find their way into this new Alma of learning –The task is made more difficult because of the expectations others had of me. I made it, though, somehow because of Blessings of Allah, after long hours of group study, which seemed never-ending, and much longer hours of confusion, as unpredictability lingered.

And finally, the day which I had been dreaming for arrived. Whenever I thought of NUST, I envisioned a place bursting with knowledge – where creativity and individual thoughts and ideas are encouraged, maturity is demanded and independence is guaranteed. Also, I expected to have friends for a life time – friends, who would always stay by my side.

On our first day at NUST, we were formerly welcomed by the Director General of our school (not a school in pre teen’s sense but an institution of higher learning :P). The new batches of Civil and Environmental Engineering were welcomed together at the seminar hall. After a fine cup of tea, we toured the university campus. I found it fascinating. Tall and elegant buildings stood ambitiously. What disappointed me though, was the nonexistence of greenery. Not a single green lawn was in sight. Being a student of Environmental Engineering, with genuine feelings for the environment, it deeply perturbed me.

Now, after a year, I think of how the year has been and what I have learned. It is a pleasant experience to be studying in one of the finest institutions. A plethora of extra curricular and co curricular activities are planned every year but it is more evident in the old and established campuses of NUST. The magnitude of such activities needs to be enhanced in new campus for the betterment of students.

Apart from some shortcomings, major or minor, I found the daily university life, its classes and the lecture series quite memorable. Today, I know how to present my ideas in front of an intellectually learned audience- faculty and students, I know a lot many terms that I would have never known otherwise, but most important of all, I have the sort of friends with whom I fuss and with each passing day, I fuss more. Not too bad, eh?

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